The gateway to New Zealand’s beautiful South Island – a great place to live and work.

Syft Technologies’ head office and manufacturing plant lie in the industrial suburb of Middleton ten minutes west of Central Christchurch. The historic Christchurch city sprawls against the Banks Peninsula, itself over a thousand square kilometers of an ancient volcano. The plains washed down from the majestic southern alps are cut with mighty rivers. New Zealand’s unique ecosystems are protected in conservation parks while the thriving agriculture industry of the Canterbury Region forms an idyllic patchwork from the foothills to the shore.

A coastal city with great surf that’s 2 hours from ski fields in the Southern Alps.

Crossed with the braided rivers common to the region the Canterbury plains offer the thrill of jet boating and white water rafting and boast excellent fishing. The natural hot springs at Hanmer are a retreat only 90 minutes from Christchurch.

The Banks Peninsula offers an easy excursion from Christchurch to the many villages in the Akaroa Harbour. A vast net of walking tracks offers routes to suit any inclination.

North of Christchurch the sea plunges to the depths off the coast of Kaikoura creating a rich hunting for whales, dusky dolphins, and fur seals. Whale watching and swimming with dolphins make unforgettable experiences. If you miss the locals – Kaikoura is just 2 1/2 hours north and is guaranteed not to disappoint. It’s world-renowned for its whale watching (as well as vast pods of dolphins and stinky seal colonies).

The team at Syft make the most of Christchurch’s beautiful location. Every weekend staff is planning missions where everyone is welcome to come. We have a crew of amateur (in some cases extremely amateur) surfers who go out regularly in the summer, venturing out early in the morning to secluded bays around the Banks Peninsula. During the winter the crew bundles up and heads off to the ski fields regularly – Mt Hutt or Mt Cheeseman are favorites.

The Syft Team tramping to Carroll Hut in Nov 2016

Although Annex Pantry is making waves, Dimitri’s is still king of the lunch spots.

Restaurants and eateries of Christchurch are world class; offering freshly caught seafood, local grass-fed steak, and beautiful New Zealand Lamb.

Explore the local produce in Farmer’s Markets or go further afield for a famed Sheffield meat pie. The fields of the Canterbury plains lend themselves to dairy farming and the wares can be sampled in the city at Canterbury cheesemongers or at Barrys Bay tucked into Akaroa Harbour. New Zealand is also renowned for it’s vineyards, from the slopes of Banks Peninsula, north to the Waipara valley and further to Otago or Marborough.

In recent years Christchurch’s urban scene has developed it’s diversity; the food trucks at the Container Mall (a post-earthquake hub) are a must  – especially Tiki-Tako’s and Dimitri’s. Other spots to checkout would be Strangers Lane (where you might catch Syft’s very own William Mills performing on a Friday night) or the tapa’s at Mexico (the restaurant, not the country) and Rangoon Ruby.

For the cultured

The International Antarctic Centre is based in Christchurch keeping up a long history of involvement in Antarctic exploration. The centre boasts a colony of rescued Little Blue Penguins in a natural themed environment. The Canterbury Museum has a dedicated Antarctic Discovery hall displaying significant items, photographs and archives. This collection is expanded by those of the Christchurch Library, Art Gallery, Air Force Museum and Gateway Antarctica at the University of Canterbury.

The 30 hectare Christchurch Botanic Gardens are a jewel in the city’s central Hagley Park. The Ilex café and the Curator’s House restaurant allow a visitor to eat without leaving the garden retreat. Over the summer seasonal eateries set up stalls offering refreshments.

The Court Theatre is Christchurch’s professional theatre and it is complemented with a greater selection of community companies. Each January the World Buskers Festival is hosted in Christchurch and the city has its own symphony orchestra and is the home of the Southern Opera company.