Murray Mcewan Syft Technologies CTO

Dr. Murray McEwan

FRSNZ, MSc(Hons), PhD


Murray was Professor of Chemistry at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch until 2010. His research interests were centred on selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) and he developed strong research links with colleagues at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, USA investigating ion molecule chemistry of interstellar and planetary atmospheres.

When the University of Canterbury commercialized the technology with the formation of Syft Technologies Ltd in 2002, Murray served as Chief Technology Officer of the new company.

Since then he has been heavily involved with the transformation of the large laboratory based instrument into the small, sophisticated Voice instruments that are available today. He has continued with ion-molecule chemistry, method development, environmental applications and negative reagent ions.

Doug Hastie Syft Technologies CEO

Doug Hastie

BE(Hons), MBA


Doug completed his honours degree in Engineering from the University of Auckland in 1988 and an MBA from Yale University in 2000. He completed Engineering projects on the Channel Tunnel in the UK, Disneyland Paris and various Burger Kings in New Zealand.

He worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York and in Private Equity for Stonebridge Partners in New York. Since returning to New Zealand Doug created the Chanui Tea & Biscuit Brand.

Since joining Syft in 2012, Doug has been instrumental in commercialising the fantastic technology developed here at Syft and putting us on the map.


Barry Prince Syft Technologies Director - Global Sales

Dr. Barry Prince

BSc(Hons), PhD

Director - Global Sales
Vaughan Langford Syft Technologies Director - Applications & Marketing

Dr. Vaughan Langford

BSc(Hons), PhD

Director - Applications & Marketing
Dr. Yatin J Mange Syft Technologies Application Specialist

Dr. Yatin J. Mange

B.Sc, M.Sc, PhD

Applications Specialist
Yan Li Syft Technologies Application Specialist

Yan Li

B.Sc, ME

Applications Specialist / Asian Sales Director
Daniel Milligan Syft Technologies Director - Engineering and Development

Dr. Daniel Milligan

BSc(Hons), PhD

Director - Engineering and Development
Diandree Padayachee Syft Technologies Applications Specialist

Dr. Diandree Padayachee

BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD

Applications Specialist
David Hera Syft Technologies Applications Specialist / European Sales Director

David Hera


Applications Specialist / European Sales Director
Daniel Glassenbury Syft Technologies Production Manager

Dan Glassenbury


Production Manager
Paul Wilson

Dr. Paul Wilson

BSc(Hons), LLb, PhD

Applications Scientist
Christopher Nones Syft Technologies Application Scientist

Christopher Nones

BSc, PgDipSci, MSc

Applications Scientist
Mark Jones Syft Technologies Business Analyst

Mark Jones

BSc(Hons), MSc

Business Analyst
Emma Taylor Syft Technologies Application Scientist

Emma Taylor


Applications Scientist
Helena Barnes Syft Technologies Application Scientist

Helena Barnes


Applications Scientist
James Olerenshaw Syft Technologies Application Scientist

James Olerenshaw


Applications Scientist
Syft Technologies Team - Ben

Dr. Ben Reyngoud

BE(Hons), PhD

Development Manager

Ben studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, and his PhD focussed on high temperature performance of superalloys. Since starting at Syft in May 2015, his work has involved design, production, recruitment, R&D and project management.

Ben is currently the Development Manager, as well as being lead on the ‘Cerberus’ project – focused on sample delivery, with goals to maximise transmission, versatility and ease of use. Major achievements from the Cerberus project include autosampler integration, the auto-validation inlet and the 16-port inlet.

Ben’s love of both cake and running have worked their way into the Syft team, with monthly cake and runs twice a week – leading to over a third of the company signing up to run in the Christchurch marathon.

Jessica Creak Syft Technologies Application Scientist

Jessica Creak

BA(Hons), MA(Cantab)

Applications Scientist
Sylvain Reissier Syft Technologies Mechanical Engineer

Sylvain Reissier


Mechanical Engineer
Thomas McKellar Syft Technologies Application Specialist

Thomas McKellar

BSc(Hons), MSc

Development Scientist
Tony Tsai Syft Technologies Electrical Engineer

Tony Tsai

BE(Hons), MEng

Electrical Engineer
William Mills Syft Technologies Application Scientist

William Mills


Applications Scientist