“Our events this month will introduce you to a revolutionary technique to replace time-consuming and often inaccurate traditional analytical techniques in the automotive industry.”

Dr. Caleb Allpress


Technical Specialist
Melvin Wu

Melvin Wu

BA (Cantab), MEng (Cantab)

Technical Specialist


This month our automotive team invites you to join us for two online events, aimed to introducing attendees to real-time analysis within the VIAQ and automotive industry.


Webinar: A solution for rapid emissions testing for vehicles and components (Caleb Allpress, PhD)

12/11/18 10AM EST

Regulators and consumers demand increasingly lower levels of harmful volatile emissions in motor vehicle passenger cabins, pushing manufacturers toward more comprehensive testing – from component level to finished vehicles – to ensure conformance and avoid costly tear-out. This requires a more agile analytical solution than conventional analytical technologies which are expensive, complex, and slow, since they are based on chromatographic methods.

This webinar will detail the application of Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) to measuring emissions from vehicle raw materials and components, as well as whole car emissions. SIFT-MS can measure the full range of emitted volatile organic compounds (VOCs; e.g. formaldehyde, acrolein, benzene, styrene, and norfluran) in a single analysis. With the combination of simple push-button operation and rapid response, throughputs of more than 30 samples per hour are achievable with non-technical operators. The real-time data provided by SIFT-MS also gives the unprecedented ability to identify the source of compound emissions within a whole vehicle within minutes.

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Online workshop: VIAQ and vehicle cabin analysis with SIFT-MS (Melvin Wu, MEng)

13/12/18 10AM EST

This online workshop will demonstrate a modern approach to a range of vehicle and material emissions applications through use of direct, ultra-sensitive, selective, real-time, mass spectrometry.

This workshop content is aimed at:

  • Those who are looking for a new, fast, simpler approach to vehicle and material emissions, for both screening purposes and high-sensitivity applications
  • Those who are familiar with the SIFT-MS technique but want to learn more about how this modern technique can be applied
  • Those who wish to see a live demonstration of the SIFT-MS instrument in action, from method creation and sample scanning, through to data collection and analysis.

By the end of the webinar, attendees will:

  • Understand how direct mass spectrometry can be utilized for the vehicle and material industries
  • Understand the simplicity of the technique
  • Be able to compare SIFT-MS to traditional techniques
  • Determine the value of SIFT-MS within their research/analytical scope

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