Please join us to explore the proven SIFT-MS solutions that can support your complex flavor and aroma analysis needs.

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William Mills


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Diandree Padayachee Syft Technologies Applications Specialist

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Posted by William Mills, Applications Scientist at Syft Technologies

Sensory perceptions such as flavor and aroma are critical to consumer acceptance of food and other products. Until now, high-throughput objective analysis of these flavor and aroma attributes has not been achievable. Automated selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a new generation technology that can deliver rapid sensory benchmarking of diverse products through targeted analysis of odor compounds. Whether your application involves product development, quality assurance, or packaging testing, a fast and objective approach to sensory analysis is invaluable in what is traditionally a very subjective field.

Syft Technologies, in association with Quantum Analytics and GERSTEL, invites you to a workshop that will highlight the power of SIFT-MS in a variety of applications within the food and consumer products industries. This workshop will provide you with:

  • An overview of the SIFT-MS technique and its automation
  • Insight into how SIFT-MS can provide a faster and more robust system for flavor and aroma analysis compared to traditional analytical methods
  • Hands-on opportunities with automated SIFT-MS through live demonstrations
  • Opportunities to discuss analytical challenges that you currently face

Event Details

Date & Time:
Thursday, June 15th
11:00am – 3:00pm

Courtyard Cincinnati Blue Ash
4625 Lake Forest Drive
Blue Ash
OH 45242-3729

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