SIFT-MS provides rapid, highly selective analysis of trace gases.

Coffee aroma is derived from the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted. VOC signatures vary significantly with the country of origin, seasonal conditions, and process changes. Over 1000 VOCs have been identified in the headspace of coffee, with a much smaller number characterized as key aroma compounds. Selective analysis of the individual compounds within this complex matrix is a difficult challenge for traditional process monitoring technologies and direct mass spectrometry techniques.  However, it is one which the Syft Voice200ultra Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) instrument excels at with the recent addition of four negative ions.

coffee negions

Figure: Ground coffee headspace analysed in full scan mode with seven reagent ions.

SIFT-MS provides rapid, highly selective analysis of trace gases.  The high selectivity arises from the different reaction mechanisms provided by each of the reagent ions.  Traditionally SIFT-MS has used positive reagent ions (H3O+, NO+, and O2+).  Recent innovation has added four negatively charged reagent ions: O, O2, OH, and NO2.  With seven rapidly switchable reagent ions, SIFT-MS has greatly enhanced selectivity for real-time analysis of coffee aroma.

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