Discover how the proven SIFT-MS method can support the highly specialized analytical needs of the automotive and VIAQ industries

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William Mills


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Diandree Padayachee Syft Technologies Applications Specialist

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Posted by William Mills, Applications Scientist at Syft Technologies

This free automotive-themed workshop will explore the uses of Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS)  and its use in VIAQ monitoring. Various applications of SIFT-MS will be covered in the workshop, including exhaust gas analysis, emission screening of synthetic and natural vehicle components, and leak detection. This workshop is a great opportunity to experience SIFT-MS in person and discuss analytical challenges you currently face.

I am really excited to be presenting at this Industry Focused Technical Workshop in conjunction with Quantum Analytics.

Let me show you how SIFT-MS, an innovative, proven analytical technique that directly and instantly analyzes air down to part-per-trillion (ppt) concentrations. By applying eight rapidly switchable chemical ionization agents, as well as the integrated automation through GERSTEL technology, one SIFT-MS instrument can both selectively and quantitatively analyze a diverse range of compounds in one analysis:

  • VOCs (e.g. acetic acid, benzene, formaldehyde, isooctane)
  • Inorganic gases (e.g. ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide)
  • Acidic gases (e.g. hydrogen chloride, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide)
  • Water vapor

Event Details

Date & Time:
Tuesday, June 13th
9:30am – 2:00pm

Courtyard Detroit Troy
1525 East Maple Road
MI 48083

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