“The four of us are looking ahead into 2018 with excitement, and so should you”

David Hera Syft Technologies Applications Specialist / European Sales Director

David Hera


Sales Manager - Semiconductor

David is a scientist from Germany who joined Syft in 2015 after finishing his Bachelor of Science in Biological and Geological Studies in Jena. There he soon took a key role in the development of the dual polarity ion source, which expands the range and selectivity of compounds quantifiable by SIFT-MS to new levels, and he worked with the first customers to implement this groundbreaking development in the field in Korea.

Now David is part of the sales team focusing on the automotive and semiconductor industries, as well as overseeing the market in Europe and Germany in particular.

Originally from the alpine regions of Germany, David was drawn to the vast landscapes of New Zealand to combine his love for photography and hiking – or “tramping” as the Kiwis call it. Thanks to the lunch-time runs at Syft he participated in his first half-marathon in 2016, with more to come!

Sylvain Reissier Syft Technologies Mechanical Engineer

Sylvain Reissier


Technical Specialist

Sylvain graduated from Arts et Metiers Paristech Engineering School in 2014, and then graduated from Biomedical engineering Paris with a MSc in Neuroscience and Innovation in Biotechnology in 2015. His path brings him to academic research and Vision Science, studying 3D perception in University of California, Berkeley, and then retina prosthetics in Paris – Institut de la Vision.

Wishing to go back to industry and a more dynamic environment, Sylvain Joined Syft in 2016. After a couple months in Production, he joins the Development department designing Syft future products. He is the current Intern Coordinator, and also works with the software team on building a Data analytics platform.

Aside from work, Sylvain enjoys surfing New Zealand waves.

Application Scientist Laura Thomi

Dr. Laura Thomi

Dipl, PhD

Application Scientist

Like Cats

Application Scientist Mar Vinallonga

Mar Vinallonga


Sales Manager

Reinforcements have arrived! The success of our European office in Germany over the last 18 months has led to an influx of more and more multinational and multilingual staff! The team in Europe has now grown to four people:

Sylvain Reissier

Country France  Speaks French & English

Background Mechanical Engineering   

Mar Vinallonga

Country Spain  Speaks Catalan, Spanish, German & English

Background Physics

David Hera

Country Germany  Speaks German & English

Background Environmental Science 

Dr. Laura Thomi

Country Germany  Speaks German & English

Background Chemistry

New Staff in Europe and Germany (Sylvain, David and Mar from the European team, out for a run in Berlin with Doug Hastie, CEO)

Sylvain, David and Mar from the European team, out for a run in Berlin with Doug Hastie, CEO.

All of us have spent several months (or even years) working hands-on at Syft Technologies in New Zealand and will now be based in Europe to be closer our customers (you!), share our experience and expertise and to support you in your own timezone.

The four of us are looking ahead to 2018 with excitement, and so should you! We will be exhibiting at the following conferences and tradeshows in Germany:

  • 20-21 March 2018: 20th Conference Odour and Emissions of Plastic Materials in Kassel
  • 10-13 April 2018: analytica 2018 in Munich
  • 11-15 June 2018: ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt am Main

And we have more events and roadshows planned in other areas, including Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia. So keep an eye out for further details on our events over coming months!

Between the four of us, we cover five languages, so don’t hesitate to contact us in French, Spanish, Catalan, German or English if you’d like to meet us at one of these events or require more information on your applications of interest. You can directly email us at europe@syft.com.