Syft’s Voice instruments have been proven over many years to be a robust solution for in situ sample analysis.

Vaughan Langford Syft Technologies Director - Applications & Marketing

Dr. Vaughan Langford

BSc(Hons), PhD

Principal Scientist / Consultant

A major challenge with analytical field campaigns is ensuring sample integrity between the sampling point and the analyser.  This issue is mitigated if the analyser can be taken to site for in situ sample analysis. To avoid having to put the operator in the field, especially 24/7, you need effective automatic control.

As an example, I was recently involved in a field campaign that involved continuous monitoring of outdoor ambient air. This application required 450 sample analyses per day, and was run at three sites for a month each.  These scans needed to be run automatically and I also needed a simple way to monitor and collate the data from the enormous number of scan files.

Syft’s LabSyft software solved the problem. LabSyft has a program that can generate batch files, which are then run from LabSyft via a remote computer, or directly by the instrument. A batch file contains instructions that can create a complex sequence of analysis methods instructing the instrument in what to analyse for, and how to do it without any operator interaction. Analyses can be repeated, run at specific times, and both SIM and Mass Scans can be scheduled. The validation can also be automated and check standards run if necessary.

Creating reports was easy! LabSyft’s Data Viewer has a data summary function that can generate reports from multiple scans, so each day I remotely downloaded the previous day’s data and inputted into LabSyft. The software processed the 450 scan files, each 5 minutes long, and provided a simple summary that could be collated into Excel or similar to produce a summary for the entire month. This only took a few minutes to analyse each day.

Ambient Air graph3

Syft’s Voice instruments have been proven over many years to be a robust solution for in situ sample analysis. A key factor in the success of Syft’s products for field campaigns is the tools provided for remote operation and data processing.

Posted by Dr. Vaughan Langford, Director of Applications and Marketing at Syft Technologies.

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