• High sensitivity and wide linear range (pptv to ppmv)
  • Pass/fail answers for process monitoring applications
  • Robust and reliable instrumentation
  • Single, selective analysis of chemically diverse compounds
  • Real-time analysis provides instant feedback on material emissions
  • Simple integration with microscale to full-size emission and conditioning chambers

Industry Challenges

  • Multiple conventional analyses are required for each material / component due to diverse compounds
  • Conventional techniques are off-line and slow, so product is either shipped untested or shipping is delayed
  • Slow, off-line analysis means that current testing does not provide sufficient production screening to meet requirements of new Chinese regulations

How Syft can help

  • SIFT-MS provides a single test for all regulated volatile compounds, reducing CapEx and OpEx
  • Simple in-line analysis of product quickly detects quality variations and provides instant process feedback
  • High-throughput automated testing solution for the laboratory
  • Simple customization of analysis for multiple products
  • Direct analysis eliminates derivatization of polar and thermally labile species, reducing labor and OpEx

Image of the Syft Voice 200 ultra


SIFT-MS platform capable of high-throughput gas and headspace analysis for VOCs and inorganic gases.


Auto-validation inlet allows switching between sample, calibration standard, and background gas streams.


Multi-port inlet enables multiple sample streams to be analyzed (in addition to AVI capabilities).

Gerstel MPS autosampler

Multi-purpose sampler available with wide range of accessories to meet diverse automated analysis needs, from vials to sample bags to canisters.

Gerstel Maestro software

Powerful control and scheduling software for the Gerstel MPS.

Autosampler integration kit

All the hardware required for integrating the Voice200ultra and the Gerstel MPS autosampler.


Software package for viewing and analyzing SIFT-MS data from multiple instruments, customizing analyses, and interacting with the Voice200ultra.

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