• Real-time analysis providing instant pass/fail for each test and low cost per test
  • Single, selective analysis of chemically diverse fumigants and TICs
  • Objective, sensitive, and simple analysis - without colorimetric tubes!
  • Environmentally friendly complete sampling, testing, and reporting solution
  • Very high instrument uptime

Shipping container airspace contains a complex mixture of chemical vapors, some harmless, others toxic.

The Presence of toxic vapors pose a real threat to worker safety.

Syft Technologies’ instruments provide a cost-effective solution for real-time detection of fumigants, toxic industrial compounds and other hazardous substances at the point of container inspection. We provide a complete solution covering sample collection, compound analysis and comprehensive, unambiguous reporting.

The unique analytical technology platform and broad spectrum capabilities of Syft Technologies instrumentation makes the system also suitable for detecting the signatures of specific goods, such as tobacco.

Container handling is a competitive business and nobody can afford downtime while containers are screened, yet every responsible employer values workplace safety. Syft Technologies’ instruments balance these demands by delivering a seamless solution that can be integrated into current devanning and inspection practices with minimal disruption whilst providing instant intelligence on previously unidentified container contents.

Industry Challenges

  • Approximately 25% of shipping containers contain hazardous levels of fumigants and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs)
  • Most fumigants are deadly at high levels – accurate quantitation is a matter of life and death
  • Demurrage and labor costs are high – speed of analysis is crucial
  • False positives are bad – false negatives are potentially much worse
  • This is a 24/7 industry – equipment must be rugged and reliable

How Syft can help

  • Reduced risk through accurate quantitation from high levels to trace – meets international regulations and compliance guidelines
  • Very low OpEx through minimal consumable costs and rapid sample analysis
  • Minimal training requirement for effective instrument operation
  • Rugged and reliable with very low downtime

Syft ContainerSure - SIFT-MS for Container Safety

Voice200 ContainerSure

The ultimate instrument for trace detection of toxic gases in shipping containers

Self-contained Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) platform optimized for high-throughput analysis of fumigants and TICs.


Syft Technologies’ solutions allow you to analyze the levels of trace VOCs, such as fumigants and TICs, in container air space. All mandated safety levels fall well within the detection limits of Syft Technologies’ instruments.


Instantaneous identification and quantification of VOCs eliminates uncertainties and allows for appropriate courses of action to be taken quickly. Should elevated concentrations be detected, the container can be prepared for air space evacuation. If no threat is detected unloading can proceed immediately without disruption to workflow.


Designed for push-button simplicity. The self contained, on-site system is easy to operate requiring minimal training and without the need for expensive or off-site scientific expertise.

SIFT-MS Shipping Industry Applications

Fumigant Detection

Personnel inspecting or devanning shipping containers are at risk of being exposed to a cocktail of chemical compounds present in the air inside the container.

Hazardous vapor compounds such as fumigants are regularly introduced to ensure the container contents meet international phytosanitary requirements.

A container fumigation study conducted in Germany on over 500 containers indicated that up to 35% of the shipping containers contained fumigant concentrations that exceeded TRGS 512 safety levels.

Evidence shows that exposure to fumigants, such as methyl bromide, can cause psychological and neurological problems as well as DNA damage.

TIC Detection

High concentrations of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) are commonly found in shipping containers. Often these are caused by newly manufactured goods off-gassing during the journey. Chemical compounds such as formaldehyde are a common by-product of the manufacturing processes, and are prevalent in wood and textile products.

Other hazardous compounds may be present accidentally, perhaps caused by the rupture of a chemical drum.

Concentrations of these compounds can frequently exceed government-regulated safety levels.

Contraband Detection

For border control organizations, shipping container traffic carries the additional threat of concealed contraband such as illicit tobacco. The smuggling of these goods costs governments millions of dollars in lost revenue from excise duties as well as threatening social and economic integrity. In many countries, smuggled tobacco provides an illegal revenue stream for criminal organizations whilst the trade of counterfeit cigarettes introduces additional health risks to the public.

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