Fenceline Monitoring: Corporate risk is mitigated through timely incident response

SIFT-MS is the premium analytical technique for providing diverse protection measures for industry facilities, employees, and the environment. The Voice200ultra provides a consistent, quantitative analysis of VOCs. Industrial applications include:

  • 24/7 Fence-line monitoring to assure compliance with emissions regulations
  • Leak detection, protecting both workers and plant
  • Ambient air monitoring in fixed huts or in mobile laboratories

fenceline monitoring with sift-ms

  • Continuous real-time monitoring
  • Single, selective analysis of chemically diverse compounds
  • No need for skilled operators
  • High robustness to humidity
  • High sensitivity and wide linear range

Industry Challenges

  • Regulators are increasingly requiring higher time resolution (e.g. US EPA Method 325) in VOC pollutant measurement, which is unattainable for standard lab-based technologies
  • Most monitoring devices can detect only a very limited range of compounds (or “parameters”)
  • Comprehensive VOC monitoring usually involves site sampling over long periods and analysis at a laboratory

How Syft can help

  • Sensitive and comprehensive SIFT-MS analysis helps industry identify and address the cause of pollution events
  • Corporate risk is mitigated through timely incident response
  • Reduce CapEx through applying a single SIFT-MS instrument that analyzes all air pollutants
  • Save OpEx through much lower maintenance and consumable requirements

Fence-line monitoring for BTEX using SIFT-MS

Real-time, high-sensitivity air analysis is one of the greatest benefits of SIFT-MS. No preconcentration is required for part-per-trillion analysis. The figure shows fenceline monitoring at the boundary of a petroleum production station in New Zealand (NZ). The Syft Technologies Voice200 SIFT-MS instrument was stationed at the site boundary and approximately 50 meters (160 feet) east of a storage tank that was suspected of emitting benzene at levels that exceed the NZ annual guideline levels – as determined previously using passive sorbent sampling over a one-month period followed by thermal desorption-GC-MS analysis.

By using SIFT-MS, benzene, toluene, and ethylbenzene plus the xylenes (BTEX) were monitored every minute at detection limits better than 0.5 ppbv. When the wind had a westerly component, BTEX was observed at significant concentrations due to the storage tank regularly releasing pressure. When the wind shifted to the easterly direction, concentrations drop to baseline levels. Continuous measurement of these species with high time resolution enabled the production facility to identify issues and undertake engineering changes to reduce the emissions.

Fence-line monitoring of BTEX emissions

Fence-line monitoring of BT(E+X) emissions from a storage tank over a one-week period. Westerly winds result in high levels at the eastern boundary where measurements were made

Image of the Syft Voice 200 ultra


Self-contained SIFT-MS platform capable of autonomous 24/7
monitoring of VOC compounds.

Auto Validation Inlet

Auto validation inlet allows switching between sample,
calibration standard, and background gas inputs


The Voice200 Ultra can be operated remotely using standard MODBUS, or proprietary Voice Remote Control protocols.


View and analyse mass spectrometry data from multiple instruments or create custom analyses using LabSyft data tools.

Compound Library

Access analyses for 1000’s of distinct compounds from our
library and tap into the diverse capability of the platform.

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