• High immunity to water
  • Continuous, real-time product and safety monitoring
  • High sensitivity and wide linearity range
  • Simple integration and robust operation
  • Comprehensive analysis of aroma compounds evolved in processing

Industry Challenges

  • Raw food products vary significantly and need to be analyzed during processing for optimal results, but traditional analytical technologies lack the required combination of speed, selectivity, and sensitivity
  • Moisture and sample complexity confound both traditional analysis and newer technologies such as enoses
  • Explosion prevention in spray driers currently applies single-parameter detection (carbon monoxide), which is susceptible to interference from environmental CO, resulting in false positives and negatives

How Syft can help

  • Instantaneous, direct analysis at the food processing line for immediate process feedback, minimizing defective product
  • In-process instrument-based sensory testing for continuous quality assurance of aroma attributes, delivering consistent product
  • Multiple volatile compound detection – rather than just CO – in spray dryer safety applications greatly reduces extremely costly false positives and false negatives

Image of the Syft Voice 200 ultra


Self-contained Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry – SIFT-MS platform capable of autonomous 24/7 monitoring of VOCs and inorganic gases.


Auto-validation inlet allows switching between sample, calibration standard, and background gas streams.


Multi-port inlet enables multiple sample streams to be analyzed.


Remote operation of the Voice200ultra is supported via industry-standard MODBUS or proprietary Voice Remote Control protocols.


Software package for viewing and analyzing SIFT-MS data from multiple instruments, or customizing analyses.

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