• Comprehensive analysis of chemical diverse MVOCs
  • Direct, rapid headspace without sample preparation
  • High sensitivity for early detection and identification
  • Faster answers for clinicians and patients
  • Automated gas and headspace analysis with extremely high-throughput (>100 samples/hour)

Syft Technologies provides a new approach to the quantitative detection of volatile microbial metabolites

Through the direct and highly-sensitive analysis of headspace samples, SIFT-MS rapidly and accurately detects the metabolites produced by a diverse range of microbial pathogens that have been cultured on a range of standard media. Comparison of the metabolite profiles has proven to be a reliable method for the early detection, quantification, and identification of clinically important organisms.

SIFT-MS analysis of the headspace of microbial cultures can, therefore, significantly cut diagnosis time for microbial infections. Moreover, it provides a significant advance in the study of the metabolic processes that produce microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs).

Industry Challenges

  • Increased antiobiotic resistance means that it is more important than ever to prescribe the correct antibiotics early
  • Most of the techniques used to identify microbial infections are slow, so broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed initially
  • Slow diagnosis of the infecting organism increases patient recovery times and mortality rates
  • Microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) detection has potential, but low analytical sensitivity necessitates more microbial growth

How Syft can help

  • Faster diagnosis of the infecting organism provides better outcomes for patients through earlier use of specific antibiotics
  • High-throughput analysis makes MVOC-based diagnosis cost effective for the laboratory


Microorganisms emit VOCs as part of their normal metabolic processes. These VOCs often provide a unique “fingerprint” for each microbial species cultured on a particular culture medium.

SIFT-MS eliminates many of the issues associated with other techniques used to analyze volatile metabolic products:

  • Faster answers – a shorter incubation period is required due to the high sensitivity of SIFT-MS
  • Higher sample throughput because:
    • Analysis is rapid and highly immune to water
    • No headspace preconcentration is required
  • Results are presented immediately in an easily understandable manner.

Applications of SIFT-MS in microbial research include rapid, consistent detection of:

  • Blood poisoning bacteria
  • Organisms causing urinary tract infections
  • Food pathogens and spoilage organisms.
VOC concentrations bacteria in blood

VOC concentrations for two bacteria in blood after incubation for eight hours


Self-contained Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry – SIFT-MS platform capable of high-throughput analysis of VOCs and inorganic gases.

Gerstel MPS autosampler

Multi-purpose sampler available with wide range of accessories to meet diverse automated analysis needs.

Gerstel Maestro software

Powerful control and scheduling software for the Gerstel MPS.Autosampler integration kit – allows for rapid (in excess of 100 samples/hour) automated sample analysis, through integration with Gerstel autosamplers.

Autosampler integration kit

All the hardware required for integrating the Voice200ultra and the Gerstel MPS autosampler.


Software package for viewing and analyzing SIFT-MS data from multiple instruments, customizing analyses, and interacting with the Voice200ultra.

Compound Library

Access detection and quantitation parameters for over 1000 compounds to leverage the diverse capability of the platform.

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