• Real-time analysis of a wide range of compounds provides immediate feedback on processes
  • High sensitivity detection of corrosive compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide
  • Robust, low maintenance instruments suited to lab and plant
  • Non-technical operation with low training requirement
  • Reduced instrument maintenance and consumable requirements


Most fuels and many modern products contain components that originate from hydrocarbons and other organic compounds occurring in crude oil. Since these crude oil-derived products form such an important part of modern life, there is an ongoing need to find and extract the raw material from Earth’s crust, separate it into various fractions, and transform these fractions into usable forms.

SIFT-MS provides ground-breaking opportunities to the petrochemical industry across the entire spectrum of prospecting, extraction, and processing. SIFT-MS is the first technology that can quantify the full breadth of light to medium hydrocarbons and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in real time, at the required concentrations, and with wide linear and dynamic ranges. SIFT-MS instruments also presents a breakthrough in the detection, quantitation, and tracing of petroleum hydrocarbons. Here we outline several SIFT-MS-based petrochemical industry solutions provided by Syft Technologies.

Industry Challenges

  • Faster analysis is required to comply with more stringent emissions regulations
  • Comprehensive analysis cannot currently be achieved using one analysis from one instrument
  • Pre-concentration is usually required to achieve high sensitivity
  • Polar and thermally labile compounds require derivatization, leading to more expensive off-line analysis

How Syft can help

  • Any combination of compounds can be measured in a single analysis, saving time and money
  • Real-time, high-frequency data collection ensures emission events are detected faster
  • Simple analysis of multiple sampling points, each with customized methods


Syft’s Mud logging solution is the ultimate instrument for hydrocarbon analysis of mud gas.

SIFT-MS is the ideal on-site and on-line analytical technique for hydrocarbon detection in mud-logging, due to its high speed, high selectivity and minimal sample handling requirements.

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Mudlogger Instrument by Syft Technologies

SIFT-MS quantitation of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas (1% in nitrogen) using the H3O+ reagent ion. Note that logarithmic scales are used

SIFT-MS quantitation of hydrogen sulfide in natural gas (1% in nitrogen) using the H3O+ reagent ion. Note that logarithmic scales are used


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a highly toxic and corrosive gas that is often present in oil and gas. For worker safety and corrosion prevention in drilling and refinery plant infrastructure, it is of very great importance to have a rapid, on-line measure of hydrogen sulfide content in natural gas.

The SIFT-MS technique is extremely effective in detecting and quantifying H2S and other reduced sulfur compounds in natural gas and LPG. Instruments are able to determine the degree of souring of these fuel gases, in addition to determining their light to medium hydrocarbon composition. The fuel gases are typically diluted 100-fold prior to analysis, but the high sensitivity of SIFT-MS to H2S means that the crucial concentration of 3.5 ppm in neat natural gas (or 35 ppb in a 1% dilution) is easily measured. This dilution can be performed online.


Near-surface hydrocarbon exploration exploits the seepage of hydrocarbons to Earth’s surface after they are generated at greater depths. When combined with sub-surface geochemical analysis, near-surface hydrocarbon surveys help focus the target area for more expensive exploration techniques, such as 2D and 3D seismic surveys. This significantly reduces exploration cost and risk.

The detection of seeps using light hydrocarbon analysis has most commonly utilized GC-based techniques with inherently slow analysis and sample turnaround time. SIFT-MS is a cutting-edge technology that detects and resolves the critical hydrocarbons in seconds, making large-scale hydrocarbon surveys practical and economic. By applying SIFT-MS, decisions can be made while surveys are taking place, rather than days, weeks, or months later.

Rapid, broad-spectrum hydrocarbon analysis using SIFT-MS

Rapid, broad-spectrum hydrocarbon analysis using SIFT-MS

Fence-line monitoring of BT(E+X) emissions from a storage tank over a one-week period. Westerly winds result in high levels at the eastern boundary where measurements were made

Fence-line monitoring of BT(E+X) emissions from a storage tank over a one-week period. Westerly winds result in high levels at the eastern boundary where measurements were made


SIFT-MS is the premium analytical technique for providing diverse protection measures for petrochemical facilities, employees, and the environment. SIFT-MS offers a unique set of characteristics:

  • High-sensitivity detection of a wide range of compounds (e.g. hydrocarbons, halocarbons, reduced sulfur compounds, amines, and aldehydes) in one simple analysis
  • Direct, real-time analysis enabling instantaneous action to be taken
  • Wide dynamic range and high selectivity of three rapidly switchable reagent ions, enabling one instrument to perform different analyses at multiple sample points.

SIFT-MS provides a consistent, quantitative analysis of VOCs. Industrial applications include:

  • Leak detection, protecting both workers and plant
  • Fence-line monitoring to assure compliance with emissions regulations.

Image of the Syft Voice 200 ultra


Self-contained Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) platform capable of autonomous 24/7 monitoring of VOCs and inorganic gases.


Multi-port inlet enables multiple sample streams to be analyzed (e.g. pre- and post-gas filtration at inlet and outlet of multiple engines).

Dilution unit

In-line dilution of more concentrated gas streams.


Remote operation of the Voice200ultra is supported via industry-standard MODBUS or proprietary Voice Remote Control protocols.


Software package for viewing and analyzing SIFT-MS data from multiple instruments, or customizing analyses.

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