• A single analytical tool for chemically diverse airborne molecular contaminants (AMCs)
  • High selectivity and sensitivity (detection limits in ppt range)
  • Simple integration with existing sample delivery infrastructure (single or multiple point)
  • Real-time Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) monitoring provides instant feedback on release events

Diverse Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry utilizes inorganic, volatile organic, and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) extensively in component manufacture for modern devices. These compounds are frequently critical to a very specific process, but when occurring elsewhere they cause major problems for product quality, or to the health of personnel or the environment.

SIFT-MS is a robust analytical technique that addresses both quality and safety issues. It quantifies VOCs, SVOCs, and inorganic gases in seconds at the required concentrations in one simple analysis, so that harmful release emissions are detected and dealt with immediately. This provides economic benefits because it prevents the use of defective raw materials and reduces product losses if a release occurs during manufacture. Rapid SIFT-MS analysis also benefits the wellbeing of both employees and the environment.

Semiconductor Industry Challenges

  • Modern semiconductor products are often critically impacted by AMCs at low ppb concentrations
  • Traditional analytical tools only detect a fraction of the Airborne Molecular Contaminants, so multiple tools are required
  • VOC detection using GC-MS is particularly troublesome due to slow sample analysis and high maintenance costs

How Syft can help

  • Save money through instantly detecting release of Airborne Molecular Contaminants and minimizing lost product
  • Increase service life of tools by detecting condensable AMCs immediately
  • Reduce CapEx through applying a single SIFT-MS tool that analyzes all AMCs
  • Save OpEx through much lower maintenance and consumable requirements

Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) Monitoring in the Cleanroom

Successful fabrication of semiconductors, photovoltaics, and LCD/LED panels requires extremely high precision manufacturing equipment in an ultraclean environment. Volatile or semi-volatile contaminants in air can degrade semiconductor performance and/or greatly shorten expensive maintenance cycles or operational service of fabrication equipment.

The SIFT-MS technique provides rapid, high-sensitivity analysis of air for the majority of compounds that are important in the semiconductor and related industries, greatly reducing product loss and equipment failure.

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SIFT-MS AMC Monitoring Cleanroom

Applying SIFT-MS in a multiple-point sampling scenario can prevent hours of production losses due to more rapid analysis.

Screening Raw Materials and Finished Product VOCs

Rapid analysis for residual VOCs using SIFT-MS.

Screening Raw Materials and Finished Product

A wide variety of solvents and other hazardous substances are used during the manufacture of electronic components and packaging systems. SIFT-MS provides a very rapid and highly sensitive solution for screening incoming raw materials and your own finished products.

Benefits of SIFT-MS include:

  • Direct analysis through elimination of chromatographic separation, making it ideal for detection of volatile solvents
  • Very high-throughput screening via autosampler integration provides rapid warning of quality issues and greatly reduces the test cost per analysis
  • Wide linear and dynamic ranges allows one instrument to be applied to multiple screening tasks
  • Green, solvent-free analysis for assuring environmentally friendly products.

Assuring Employee Wellbeing

Manufacture and processing of state-of-the-art semiconductor materials requires use of diverse organic and inorganic hazardous substances, including acids such as HCI and HF. SIFT-MS provides a very rapid and highly sensitive solution for preventing employee exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Benefits of SIFT-MS include:

  • Unprecedented comprehensive detection by applying eight reagent ions
  • Instant feedback via rapid analysis, allowing problems to be resolved
  • A wide dynamic and linear range to accommodate the greatly varying exposure limits of different compounds
  • The ability to easily and rapidly monitor multiple sampling points for different hazardous compounds.page3image2952562816

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Linear detection of HCl using the NO2 ̄ reagent ion of SIFT-MS.

Linear detection of HCl using the NO2 ̄ reagent ion of SIFT-MS.

Fenceline Monitoring data, acetone, butanone, methanol, toluene, dimethylformamide

Fenceline monitoring data from Taiwan, ROC

Stack and Fenceline Monitoring

SIFT-MS is the premium analytical technique for providing early warning of harmful or nuisance emissions from stacks or at the boundary of manufacturing facilities. SIFT-MS offers a unique set of benefits:

  • One simple analysis provides high-sensitivity detection of a wide range of compounds (e.g. hydrocarbons, halocarbons, reduced sulfur compounds, amines, and acid gases)
  • Direct, real-time analysis enables instantaneous action to be taken when issues arise
  • A wide dynamic range combined with high selectivity enables one instrument to perform different analyses at multiple sample points

SIFT-MS provides consistent, quantitative analysis of VOCs in applications such as:

  • Direct stack gas analysis
  • Fence-line monitoring
  • Objective instrumental odor analysis.

Image of the Syft Voice 200 ultra


Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS)  platform capable of high-throughput gas analysis for VOCs and inorganic gases.


Auto-validation inlet allows switching between sample, calibration standard, and background gas streams.


Multi-port inlet enables multiple sample streams to be analyzed (e.g. multiple points in the Fab).


Remote operation of the Voice200ultra is supported via industry-standard MODBUS or proprietary Voice Remote Control protocols.


Software package for viewing and analyzing SIFT-MS data from multiple instruments, customizing analyses, and interacting with the Voice200ultra.

Compound Library

Access detection and quantitation parameters for over 1000 compounds to leverage the diverse capability of the platform.

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