LabSyft delivers cutting-edge functionality.

The Syft Technologies laboratory software suite (“LabSyft”) gives Syft’s customers the freedom to develop and manipulate their own Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) applications and analysis methodologies. Designed and engineered for use by those familiar with analytical instrumentation and software, LabSyft delivers cutting-edge functionality.

LabSyft Moduels

The LabSyft software suite allows users to:

  • View and graph raw data as it is generated via the Live Viewer module
  • View, compare, manipulate, and export data and generate reports via the Data Viewer module
  • View, search, and expand the Syft library, via the Compound Library module
  • Create and edit analytical methods, via the Method Editor module
  • Set-up and execute automated batch scanning, via the Batch Scanner module
  • Communicate with third-party devices, via the Trigger Scanner module.

LabSyft runs on a computer connected to the instrument, either directly or across a network. It includes both on-line and off-line functionality. This means that applications can be created, edited and stored anywhere, then transferred to an instrument.

Conversely, data files can be transferred from the instrument to the remote computer for data processing.


For more information, download the LabSyft flyer or contact us to arrange a personal live demonstration.

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