The Multi-Port Inlet is the lastest development to be released by Syft Technologies

Ashleigh Rae

Ashleigh Rae


Chemical and Process Engineer

Syft Technologies Multi-Port Inlet

Posted by Ashleigh Rae, Chemical and Process Engineer at Syft Technologies

The multi-port inlet (MPI) is a new and improved version of our auto-validation inlet (AVI). Like the AVI, it allows for unattended continuous monitoring with automated validation and background subtraction.

This is ideal for 24/7 applications which can’t afford any downtime – such as emissions monitoring, cleanroom air quality, and industrial process monitoring.

While the AVI has only two sample inlet positions, the MPI can be expanded to have as many as 14. This opens up the range of applications and the type of industrial processes that can be monitored by a single instrument. It looks better too – the MPI sits discreetly under the sample plate of the Voice200ultra.

But how does it compare with the Auto-Validation Inlet and High Performance Inlet (HPI)?

  • Up to 12 more sample inlet positions than the AVI.
  • Positional switching time between gas streams reduced by up to 4 seconds compared to AVI.
  • Passivated surfaces mean response times meet the same standards as HPI and AVI.
  • Huge range of polar and non-polar VOCs (including formaldehyde) are transmitted.
  • More efficient and complete heating than the AVI.
  • A more sophisticated communications system which gives diagnostics feedback for support.
  • A new control system that is more intuitive to operate.

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