William Pelet


Applications Scientist

Syft Technologies presents this live demonstration explaining how Selected Ion Flow-tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a highly selective technique. This allows us to present a technology that can quantitatively and qualitatively analyse gas samples in real-time through a selection of different and niche applications. SIFT-MS can deliver broad-range interference resolution as each analyte has a unique chemical fingerprint. Whether this is an application in environmental monitoring or consumer products, SIFT-MS will provide powerful real-time results.

This workshop will include:
• An explanation of the term selectivity in the context of gas analysis.
• An overview of SIFT-MS at a mechanical level and what attributes it has that allow it to be a highly selective technique.
• A live demonstration of selectivity in action involving three gas samples.
• A live walk-through of the unique chemical fingerprint of ethanol through both positive and negative reagent ions.
• A live-stream question and answer section.