“Today one of our applications scientist, William Pelet, will demonstrate the flexibility of the LabSyft Live Viewer in displaying your real-time data”

William Pelet


Applications Scientist
The on-demand version of this demonstration is available below.

One of the main benefits Selected Ion Flow-tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) has is the ability to generate your data in real-time. This demonstration is focused on the software tool, LabSyft Live Viewer, that allows you to visualize your real-time results. If you’re a new, current or interested customer this demonstration will have something for everyone as both a general overview and detailed settings explanation will feature in this demonstration.
Attendees can expect to see:
  1.  A general overview of the LabSyft Live Viewer tool.
  2. The different possibilities to view Selected Ion Mode (SIM) and Full Scans.
  3. How to change display settings to your preference.
  4. A Q and A session at the end