Syft supported the Bowel and Liver Trust in its fundraising efforts for a Syft Voice200ultra SIFT-MS instrument.

The Canterbury-based Bowel and Liver Trust (B&LT) is a strong advocate for improving diagnosis, survival outcomes, and quality of life for people suffering from a diverse range of gut conditions. To achieve this end, the B&LT actively fundraises to support research into gut diseases in addition to funding start-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Researchers at the Christchurch School of Medicine (a department of the University of Otago’s medical school) have a long-standing desire to utilize the rapid, sensitive analysis of SIFT-MS to identify breath markers for a range of gut diseases.

Last week Syft supported the B&LT in its fundraising efforts for a Syft Voice200ultra SIFT-MS instrument by deploying an instrument and staff to a local shopping center to raise awareness of the trust and its desire for additional research capability. Syft supports the B&LT’s desire for better outcomes for those suffering from gut diseases and SIFT-MS technology has unique opportunity to provide earlier diagnosis.


To learn more about the B&LT’s work and to donate, visit www.bowelandliver.o

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