“The past year at Syft has been one of the most exciting yet!”

Barry Prince Syft Technologies Director - Global Sales

Dr. Barry Prince

BSc(Hons), PhD

Principal Scientist / Consultant

The past year at Syft has been one of the most exciting yet with record staff levels met! Growth in all areas of the company has seen Syft Technologies achieve record annual sales. Syft now provides solutions to customers in 21 countries in such diverse areas as:

  • Automotive testing
  • Semiconductor manufacture
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Medical research
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Oil exploration
  • Border security
  • Food and flavor research
  • pharmaceutical analysis

Syft’s impressive results are a consequence of the talented team of scientists and engineers working throughout the organization. Syft runs an extensive intern program, selecting the best students from northern-hemisphere institutes during the New Zealand Winter, and from “Down Under” during the Kiwi summer. This is just one aspect of Syft’s aggressive recruitment campaign to select only the very best candidates. These initiatives have resulted in a 60% increase in staff numbers over the past year and an expectation of growing that number significantly faster in the year to come.

Working at Syft is an attractive proposition for candidates the world over. If being located in the heartland of beautiful “Middle Earth” isn’t reason enough, the company offers opportunities to get involved in all aspects of the realization of Syft’s unique Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) technology, from design and manufacture to application development, sales, marketing and ongoing support. Together, the Syft team develops innovative approaches for delivering faster and more cost-effective solutions in an ever-increasing range of markets. In doing so, Syft challenges much of the conventional wisdom on “the way things should be done” within the global analytical community.

With Syft’s fast-growing team of smart, creative minds, the records are set to keep tumbling.

Posted by Dr Barry Prince, Director of Global Sales at Syft Technologies

If you interested in joining Syft’s dynamic, growing team, please contact us at jobs@syft.com or check out our Careers page.


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