I now lead both sales and application development efforts for the Automotive and Semiconductor Industries

Yan Li Syft Technologies Application Specialist

Yan Li

B.Sc, ME

Sales Manager

Posted by Yan Li, Applications Specialist at Syft Technologies

Originally from the People’s Republic of China, I emigrated to New Zealand in 2003 to pursue a BSc degree in Biochemistry from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. After a period working in accredited medical laboratories, I returned to graduate school at the University of Canterbury, obtaining a Master of Engineering degree (with Distinction) in Chemical and Process Engineering in 2013. For a time, I continued in the Chemical and Process Engineering department as a researcher working on environmental engineering projects.

In January 2014, I joined Syft as an applications scientist, providing technical support for the development of new SIFT-MS applications. This role quickly developed into a more senior one:

  1. As a native speaker of Mandarin, I took responsibility for managing our East Asia distributor network.
  2. I specialized in automotive and semiconductor industry applications, which are both large in this region.

Leveraging the automotive and semiconductor industry expertise obtained in East Asia, I now lead both sales and application development efforts for these industries globally. In the sales role, I have represented Syft at numerous regional and international meetings and am really looking forward to doing so again at the upcoming “2017 International Symposium on Automotive Emission and Interior Air Quality” in Germany in early November.

If you are interested in automotive or semiconductor applications – or anything else “SIFT-MS”! – you can get in touch with me here!

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