“Andy Ray (AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, UK) described a novel use of selected ion flow tube-MS (SIFT-MS) for headspace analysis within the pharmaceutical industry”

Vaughan Langford Syft Technologies Director - Applications & Marketing

Dr. Vaughan Langford

BSc(Hons), PhD

Principal Scientist / Consultant

Vaughan joined Syft in 2002 after completing his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Canterbury (1997) and post-doctoral fellowships at the Universities of Geneva, Western Australia, and Canterbury.

As manager of Syft’s contract laboratory, Vaughan has worked extensively with customers to understand their analysis needs and develop market-tested SIFT-MS solutions.

Vaughan has experience across all SIFT-MS application areas, but has particular expertise in environmental and food industry applications. He is an expert in SIFT-MS application and method development.

In addition to the technical aspects of his role, Vaughan attends and presents on many of Syft’s webinars and attends various conferences on our behalf.

Developing that theme a little further, Last month I posted a brief article on the simplicity with which formaldehyde is detected with SIFT-MS compared to conventional chromatographic methods, it so happens that selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) analysis of formaldehyde is being adopted by major pharmaceutical manufacturers. One example is provided from a conference report on the 37th British Mass Spectrometry Society (BMSS) annual meeting (Patricia Wright and Christine Eckers, Bioanalysis, 2017, 9(5), pp.423-6):

“Other highlights

Andy Ray (AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, UK) described a novel use of selected ion flow tube-MS (SIFT-MS) for headspace analysis within the pharmaceutical industry. An agitator and GC injection port were combined with SIFT-MS to perform multiple headspace analysis of solid samples (first order kinetics were assumed). This system was successfully used to measure formaldehyde in the headspace of excipients. It also helped to identify methyl dioxolane as the smell generated in certain capsules (later confirmed by GC–MS).”

Andy Ray is lead chemist for this work at AstraZeneca and he also organizes the Ambient Ionization Special Interest Group of the BMSS. He utilizes an integrated automated analysis solution provided by Anatune Limited, which comprises a Syft Technologies Voice200ultra, an interface kit, and a Gerstel Multipurpose Sampler (MPS). As the article notes, he has used the instrumentation for identification of odorous compounds, as well as targeted analysis of formaldehyde and other species.

Syft Technologies Voice200 with Gerstel MPS Autosampler

Syft Technologies Voice200 with Gerstel MPS Autosampler

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