“We are excited to announce another successful outcome to our partnership with GERSTEL with the launch of TD-SIFT-MS!”


Application Scientist Kalib Bell

Dr. Kalib Bell

BE(Hons), PhD

Applications Scientist

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We are excited to announce another successful outcome to our partnership with GERSTEL, with the launch of TD-SIFT-MS at Pittcon 2019, March 17-21 in Philadelphia, USA. Pittcon is a world-leading laboratory science conference and expo focusing on ongoing findings and new instrumentation, and the perfect place to launch our new joint technology.

For the first time, the high sensitivity and real-time capabilities of Syft Technologies’ Voice200ultra will be paired with the flexibility and performance of the GERSTEL TD 3.5+ for rapid analysis of TD tubes. Visit us at the GERSTEL booth (no. 1547) to see a live demonstration of real-time TD-SIFT-MS and discuss how our technology can improve your application.

This year, we also have a number of events lined up at Pittcon. Professor Sheryl Barringer (The Ohio State University), our long-standing customer and huge supporter of SIFT-MS, will be making appearances at the GERSTEL booth to talk about SIFT-MS and answer your questions. Professor Barringer is also an invited speaker at this year’s Pittcon Expo, and will be presenting some of her SIFT-MS work, so please try to catch her talk! In addition, there are three posters featuring SIFT-MS on Tuesday and Wednesday (including one by USAF highlighting a joint GERSTEL-Syft solution!). So please diarize these times below:

Tue-ThuMar 199 am – 5 pmTD-SIFT-MS in action at the GERSTEL boothBooth 1547
TueMar 192 – 4:30 pmSession 1220: Syft Technologies’ poster session on “Comprehensive, Rapid Odor Monitoring Using SIFT-MS”Room Expo floor, back of aisles 1500-2300
WedMar 209 – 10 amProfessor Barringer’s guest appearance at the GERSTEL boothBooth 1547
WedMar 2010 am – 12:30 pmSession 1560 – poster session

·     Syft Technologies presents “A Novel Approach to Direct Analysis of Aldehydes in Sustainable Paperboards: Automated SIFT-MS”

·     US Air Force presents “Thermal Extraction Directly Coupled to Mass Spectrometry for Passive Dosimetry Applications”

Room Expo floor, back of aisles 1500-2300
ThuMar 218:30 – 11:45 amSession 1690: Professor Barringer will be talking on “Use of SIFT-MS to Study Garlic Deodorization and Cacao Roasting”Room 125
ThuMar 2112 – 2 pmProfessor Barringer’s guest appearance at the GERSTEL boothBooth 1547


This is a great time for the Syft Technologies–GERSTEL partnership, so come along and witness history-in-the-making!

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