Showing up the morning of the demo is something GC-MS technicians can only dream of!

David Hera Syft Technologies Applications Specialist / European Sales Director

David Hera


Sales Manager - Semiconductor

David is a scientist from Germany who joined Syft in 2015 after finishing his Bachelor of Science in Biological and Geological Studies in Jena. There he soon took a key role in the development of the dual polarity ion source, which expands the range and selectivity of compounds quantifiable by SIFT-MS to new levels, and he worked with the first customers to implement this groundbreaking development in the field in Korea.

Now David is part of the sales team focusing on the automotive and semiconductor industries, as well as overseeing the market in Europe and Germany in particular.

Originally from the alpine regions of Germany, David was drawn to the vast landscapes of New Zealand to combine his love for photography and hiking – or “tramping” as the Kiwis call it. Thanks to the lunch-time runs at Syft he participated in his first half-marathon in 2016, with more to come!

Rolling up to a seminar, conference or trade show with a state-of-the-art analytical instrument has never been this quick and easy!

Syft Technologies‘ Voice200ultra instrument is all about speed (rapid trace-gas analysis with instantaneous results), it’s not only fast when it’s taking measurements, but also when it comes to set-up and start-up from cold.

Last year, we opened our office in Darmstadt, Germany and successfully kicked-off our operation in Europe by holding two two-week roadshows – one in September and one in November. With a full schedule and thousands of kilometers to cover, we couldn’t afford to waste time and effort to wait for shipping companies to organize the pickup, transport and unloading of our demo instrument from city to city, site to site. Renting a truck with a lift ourselves and transporting the instrument inside a crate seemed like the only option – but who wants to drive on the Autobahn when you’re not allowed to go above 100 km/h in a truck?

So we kept looking until we discovered the perfect solution: a VW Caddy Maxi, a normal-sized van with a wheelchair-accessible ramp that allows ease of loading and unloading the instrument, and it can safely go up to 160 km/h as well!

It’s as simple as rolling the Voice200ultra up the ramp, tying it down with the provided straps, placing the other accessories in the back, putting up the ramp and hitting the road within 15 minutes after shutting down the instrument.

And it’s even faster when we show up at a site: we have the instrument out of the car, set up at the designated site and starting up in less than 10 minutes. With the start-up itself and our step-by-step validation procedure taking less than 30 minutes combined, we’ve had the instrument warmed up and perfectly stable to take accurate measurements within 45 minutes of after parking on numerous occasions.

No other mass-spectrometry based analytical solution can offer such flexibility when it comes to setting up for demonstrations in seminars, conferences or trade shows – showing up the morning of the demo is something GC-MS technicians can only dream of!