“This powerful real-time direct MS technique has the potential to detect volatile markers on the breath of patients with such conditions.”

Diandree Padayachee Syft Technologies Applications Specialist

Dr. Diandree Padayachee

BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD

Applications Manager

Diandree completed her PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Canterbury in 2014.

Prior to that, she worked as a research scientist at two large research institutes (Mintek and Anglo Research) in South Africa, where she carried out investigations in the fields of extractive metallurgy and gold catalysis.

Diandree joined Syft as an Applications Scientist in 2014, and currently leads the sales team specializing in consumer, food, and environmental applications.

SIFT-MS has featured in many clinical studies to date, due to the clear appeal of using non-invasive techniques, such as breath analysis, to screen for diseases.

The originators of the SIFT-MS technique, Patrik Španěl and David Smith, and their colleagues, have once again shown that SIFT-MS is a feasible technique for cancer screening. In this instance, in vitro studies were carried out, in which a number of C3-C7 saturated aldehydes released during the electrochemically induced peroxidation of a lung cancer cell line, were identified and then measured in real-time.

These results are a promising start to future investigations in this area. By utilizing the power of this real-time direct MS technique, further such in vitro studies can be carried out on both normal cells and other types of cancer cells. Even more promising is the potential for detection of these volatile biomarkers on the breath of patients with such conditions.

The full paper can be accessed here.

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Written by Diandree Padayachee, Applications Specialist