“Having witnessed the interest shown in Thermal Desorption-SIFT-MS at Pittcon 2019, I am so confident that Syft Technologies is delivering the right solutions to the industry!”

Jing Ma

Dr. Jing Ma

BSc(Hons), PhD

Applications Scientist

The week of March 17th was an exciting week for Syft Technologies, as that was when we launched automated thermal desorption (TD)-SIFT-MS together with our outstanding business partner, GERSTEL, at Pittcon 2019. I had the pleasure of working together with GERSTEL staff from both the US and German offices, to introduce this eye-catching and highly efficient analytical lab tool to Pittcon attendees.

Thermal Desorption SIFT-MS

Although thermal desorption is already a well-developed gas sampling and preconcentrating technique that is widely used in many analytical laboratories, the combination of SIFT-MS with thermal desorption is a great step forward in making gas analysis simpler, faster and more efficient. I was delighted to be able to perform live TD-SIFT-MS demos at the GERSTEL booth at Pittcon, which received a lot of interest from a large number of international attendees. The real-time release of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde from PET (the most common thermoplastic polymer) using automated thermal desorption-SIFT-MS, drew a lot of attention.

This year at Pittcon, we were also honored to have a world-renowned scientist in the food and flavor industry, Professor Sheryl Barringer (The Ohio State University), hosting a session at the GERSTEL booth. Prof. Barringer kindly shared her extensive SIFT-MS research experience with visitors to the booth.

My first-time experience in an exhibitor-role at Pittcon was also enriched by hosting two poster sessions:

  1. Comprehensive, Rapid Odor Monitoring Using SIFT-MS
  2. A Novel Approach to Direct Analysis of Aldehydes in Sustainable Paperboards: Automated SIFT-MS

I particularly enjoyed discussions with leading delegates from industry and academia about how SIFT-MS could be beneficial to their work on analyzing trace elements in gas. Having witnessed the excitement and interest shown in Thermal Desorption-SIFT-MS in such a popular tradeshow, I am so confident that Syft Technologies is delivering the right solutions to the industry!