Syft Technologies and SRA Instruments introduced SIFT-MS to the people of Italy

Jessica Creak Syft Technologies Application Scientist

Jessica Creak

BA(Hons), MA(Cantab)

Applications Scientist

The week of 15th – 19th May was a busy and exciting week for SRA Instruments and Syft Technologies as the Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) technique was introduced to the people of Italy. Thank you to SRA for organizing such a successful series of seminars!

Attendees learnt about the potential of SIFT-MS across a range of application areas and witnessed live demonstrations of the Voice200ultra at a number of important research institutes across Italy.

The “SIFT-MS-Mobile” transported the Voice200ultra over 600 km (375 miles) in four days to the venues in record time with the quickest set-up, from unload to analysis in just 90 minutes!

The venues were:

    • Istituto Mario Negri in Milan
    • Centro di servizi di Spettrometria di Massa (CISM) in Sesto Fiorentino
    • CNR Istituto Inquinamento Atmosferico in Rome

Posted by Jessica Creak, Applications Scientist at Syft Technologies

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