Syft Technologies together with Ingeniería Analítica hosted two successful workshops in Spain about SIFT-MS: a real time technology with very high sensitivity

Application Scientist Mar Vinallonga

Mar Vinallonga


Sales Manager

On the 13th and 20th of February 2018, in Barcelona and Madrid respectively, Syft Techologies and Ingeniería Analítica hosted two workshops that highlighted fast throughput and real time analysis using SIFT-MS. Attendees were taken through informative presentations, from SIFT-MS introduction to the explanation of its wide range of possible applications.

The workshop also included some live demos where guests were able to see the technology in action by doing some breath analysis and also analyzing samples that they brought.

We were joined by professionals from industries including

The events were hosted at Hotel Marriott and Edifico Castellana 81 and included a delicious lunch menu that was enjoyed by all.