In association with SRA Instruments we will be running a series of Workshops in Italy.

Jessica Creak Syft Technologies Application Scientist

Jessica Creak

BA(Hons), MA(Cantab)

Applications Scientist

Jessica graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2013 with a degree in Natural Sciences and specializing in chemistry. Before joining Syft in 2016 she completed a two-year leadership development course managed by TeachFirst, which saw her teaching chemistry in a secondary school located in a low socioeconomic area of Mid-Wales in the UK.

Jessica enjoys working within the food, flavour and environmental applications at Syft and is a keen blogger for our website!

Outside of work Jessica enjoys walking, travelling and team sports.

Posted by Jessica Creak, Applications Scientist at Syft Technologies

There will be three events from the 15th of May to the 18th of May.

The agenda for the events will be:

  • Introduction to Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry
  • Instrument solutions based on the Syft Voice200ultra
  • Applications experiences:
    • Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality
    • Head space and studies of Aromatic Profiles
    • Industrial Hygiene and Homeland Security
    • Analysis of Human Breath
  • Working session with on-site analysis of real samples
  • Conclusions and lunch with SRA and SYFT Technologies specialists

See below for details of the sessions.

Monday, May 15thWednesday, May 17thThursday, May 18th
2:30pm – 5:30pm9:30am – 12:30pm9:30am – 12:30pm
Istituto Mario NegriCentro di servizi diSpettrometria di Massa (CISM)CNR Istituto Inquinamento Atmosferico area di ricerca di Roma Montelibretti