“The meeting was very well attended by interested parties within the US and from as far afield as China and Korea”

Doug Hastie Syft Technologies CEO

Doug Hastie

BE(Hons), MBA

Managing Director

Doug completed his honours degree in Engineering from the University of Auckland in 1988 and an MBA from Yale University in 2000. He completed Engineering projects on the Channel Tunnel in the UK, Disneyland Paris and various Burger Kings in New Zealand.

He worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York and in Private Equity for Stonebridge Partners in New York. Since returning to New Zealand Doug created the Chanui Tea & Biscuit Brand.

Since joining Syft in 2012, Doug has been instrumental in commercialising the fantastic technology developed here at Syft and putting us on the map.

Recently I attended the Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) Forum co-hosted by Quantum Analytics and Syft Technologies in Detroit, MI.  The meeting was very well attended by interested parties within the US and from as far afield as China and Korea.  Organizations represented included Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, Beijing SDL Technology, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, Honda, and a variety of component and coating manufacturers.

I was really impressed at the quality of the presentations.  They covered topics as diverse as the health effects of certain compounds (which are more pronounced in Asia for genetic reasons), how harmonized testing methods can be developed, and the evaluation of various analytical methodologies.

VIAQ graph 1

Aldehyde and VOC emissions in the cabin air of three newly imported cars.  Cabin air was analyzed directly using a Syft Technologies Voice200ultra SIFT-MS instrument.

The key message that I got from the meeting is that Chinese regulators will soon be requiring much more testing than at present.  Current testing regimes can’t accommodate this change because they rely on expensive off-site laboratory-based analyses: HPLC for small aldehydes, and GC/MS for other VOCs.  This is where Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) provides the ideal solution because it quantifies all target species in a single, simple test with immediate, understandable reporting of test results!  SIFT-MS is a robust, field-proven, real-time analytical technology that is as at home on the production line as it is in the laboratory.

Posted by Doug Hastie, CEO for Syft Technologies

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