Engage further into SIFT-MS by understanding the LabSyft software and more specifically, the Method Editor and Compound Identifier

Thomas McKellar

BSc(Hons), MSc

Applications Scientist

In this online workshop, applications scientist Thomas McKellar will demonstrate the data analysis and post-processing capability Syft Technologies’ LabSyft software package. The Compound Identifier tool will be used to identify a compound in a simple mass spectrum.

The LabSyft Method Editor has a feature that allows historic data to be reprocessed and reanalysed. The power of this tool will be showcased by reanalysing mass scan results to see time series of analyte concentrations, even though the methods used to collect the data made no account of which analytes might be present.

This workshop will be targeted towards viewers who already have an understanding of the fundamentals of the SIFT-MS analytical technique and who want some exposure to these advanced capabilities of LabSyft. Attendees can expect to see:
• Basic use of the LabSyft Compound Identifier in a simple matrix,
• Basic mass scan post-processing through the LabSyft Method Editor,
• And to learn how corrected results can be extracted from SIM data collected with an uncalibrated or otherwise incorrect method.

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