William Mills Syft Technologies Application Scientist

William Mills


Marketing Manager

Syft Technologies, in association with Quantum Analytics and GERSTEL are excited to exhibit and present new technology and revolutionary developments at Pittcon 2018 Orlando!

Experience SIFT-MS hands-on at Pittcon this year at the Quantum Analytics booth, where live demonstrations of direct analysis will take place. Discover how SIFT-MS can be used for breath analysis, food and flavour, and environmental applications.

Real-time Automated Direct-MS will be showcased at the Gerstel booth at Pittcon this year. Gerstel and Syft Technologies will be demonstrating new ways to analyze samples from a range of industries in real-time, with no human input required.

Syft Technologies is also showcasing 2 posters topics this year:

High-Throughput Packing Analysis with Automated SIFT-MS

Room 308B: ID 540-3 2.10PM Wednesday 28th Feb


Real-Time Differentiation of Ethylbenzene and Xylenes Using SIFT-MS

Exposition Floor, Aisles 2000-2700, ID 920-8, 10AM Tuesday 27th Feb

We look forward to meeting you at Pittcon this year!