Only SIFT-MS detects oxidation compounds – like propanal – extremely early.

Fish and other unsaturated edible oils are very susceptible to oxidation. Oxidation generates pungent off-aromas that reduce consumer acceptance and ultimately can damage your brand’s reputation.

To ensure that only the freshest edible oils are utilized in your products and shipped to your customers, incorporate Syft’s revolutionary SIFT-MS technology for simple, instantaneous quality assurance testing. Only SIFT-MS detects oxidation compounds – like propanal – extremely early and provides you with the highest degree of confidence in the aroma quality and shelf life of your product.

Fig 1 Propanal

The propanal concentration as measured using the NO+ reagent ion. The concentration in the blank was always less than 4 ppbv.

Furthermore, Syft’s instruments are proven both on the process line and in the testing laboratory, giving you complete flexibility in their deployment in your own facility.

For more information, download our new application note: Simple, Instant Detection of Fish Oil Oxidation

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