“Come along and hear why so many industries are turning to SIFT-MS to solve their analytical problems.”

Dr. Barry Prince

BSc(Hons), PhD

Director - Global Sales

Barry graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Ph.D. in Laser Spectroscopy prior to taking up research fellowships at the University of Wisconsin and Australian National University. He joined the design and development team at Syft Technologies in early 2004.

In his current role as Director of Global Sales, Barry manages the international sales team as they promote the benefits of SIFT-MS for real-time ultra-sensitive chemical analysis to academia, government and industry throughout the world.

William Mills


Applications Scientist

William joined Syft Technologies after completing his Masters in disease biomarkers and pathophysiology at Victoria University, Wellington. Along with a background in HPLC, he has worked at both the biological and physical ends of the scientific spectrum.

As an Applications Scientist at Syft Technologies, he works with customers to develop powerful and efficient trace gas analyses methods to increase throughput, sensitivity, and cost efficacy. In addition to technical aspects of his role, William’s focus application area is in environmental monitoring.

Posted by Dr Barry Prince and William Mills

What do you get when you combine state-of-the art real-time mass spec analysis with the latest robotic autosamplers?  A fully automated ultra-high-throughput analysis package for applications that include pharmaceutical excipient testing, food and flavor analysis, packaging outgassing, direct formaldehyde analysis, and much more.

Interested?  Then mark these September dates in your calendar!

In conjunction with GERSTEL Inc., Syft Technologies is running a series of seminars from Baltimore to Boston.   Come along and hear why so many industries are turning to SIFT-MS to solve their analytical problems.  And the new application areas that are opening up as a consequence of the powerful combination of Syft’s Voice200ultra with Gerstel’s MPS autosampler.

Real-time and Rapid Screening of Toxic Compounds for Health and Safety


September 19th

10am – 2pm

High-Throughput Trace Analysis for the Food and Flavor Industry

New Jersey

September 26th

10am – 2pm


Fast and Ultra-Sensitive Trace Analysis for Pharma and Biotech


September 28th

10am – 2pm