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GERSTEL and Syft Technologies invite you to a one-day symposium focussed on the latest applications of selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS).

SIFT-MS users present their latest applications across diverse fields from routine laboratory analysis to biogeochemistry, and from pharma to workplace safety.

It will be an exciting, multinational programme presented by leading organisations:

  • Anatune, United Kingdom
  • Anchem, Poland
  • Gerstel, Germany
  • IFA, Germany
  • INEOS, Germany
  • Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Germany
  • MSCi, Denmark
  • SRA Instruments, Italy
  • Syft Technologies, New Zealand

Benefits of attending:

  • Network with other SIFT-MS users
  • Hear from global experts in SIFT-MS and automated SIFT-MS
  • Learn from those tackling cutting edge analytical challenges

Note: Friday 5 July is open for appointments with Dr Langford and/or Dr Mark Perkins (Anatune). If you wish to arange an appointment to discuss your application, pleaseĀ contact us.

This event has now ended, see our events tab for the latest news on what’s happening with Syft Technologies

Syft Technologies-Gerstel Symposium Programme