acclaimed industry speakers

  • Prof. Yunshan Ge, Beijing Institute of Technology

  • Mark Polster, Ford Motor Company

  • Dr. Mark Dearth, Ford Motor Company

  • Anna-Maria Krassa, BMW

  • Dr. Elisabeth Hösen, VDI/DIN – ISO Standards Committee

  • Jongsoon Lim, KATRI

  • Dr. Alfred Lin, Eagle Ottawa

  • Dr. Dieter Holtkamp, Holtkamp Air Quality Improvement

  • Dr. Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, imat-uve

  • Dr. Michael Holzwarth, imat-uve

  • Kurt Thaxton, GERSTEL Inc.

  • Dr. Andrey Kozlov, State Research Center of the
    Russian Federation



Key Topics of the Symposium

Vehicle Emissions and Interior Air Quality are major issues facing the automotive industry. Join Global leaders in the Automotive industry at the 2017 International Symposium on Vehicle Emissions and Interior Air Quality to discuss the challenges facing automotive manufacturers and testing laboratories.

  • Impact of China’s VIAQ legislation
  • Independent technology evaluations
  • Evaporative emissions
  • Exhaust gas ingress into cabin air
  • High-throughput VOC and aldehyde analysis
  • Round-table discussions


Event Details

November 7-8th 2017

Ecos Office Center
Berliner Allee 65
64295 Darmstadt


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