William Mills Syft Technologies Application Scientist

William Mills


Marketing Manager

William joined Syft Technologies after completing his Masters in disease biomarkers and pathophysiology at Victoria University, Wellington. Along with a background in HPLC, he has worked at both the biological and physical ends of the scientific spectrum.

As an Applications Scientist at Syft Technologies, he works with customers to develop powerful and efficient trace gas analyses methods to increase throughput, sensitivity, and cost efficacy. In addition to technical aspects of his role, William’s focus application area is in environmental monitoring.

The Food and Flavor industry spans a wide range of challenging applications, from complex odor problems to in-mouth flavor profile analysis. Some of these applications are either difficult to perform, or completely impossible with traditional analytical methods.

Due to these time-consuming steps of calibration/adsorption/desorption, more time is spent preparing samples for analysis than on the analysis itself. Even then, the analysis time can be considerable due to the nature of traditional methods (SPME/GC/TD) which require:

Heating/equilibrium steps, elution steps, cleaning steps, and others that come with chromatographic separation techniques.

This online webinar will describe a modern approach to solve a range of analytical problems for the Food and Flavor industry by use of direct, ultra-sensitive, selective, real-time, mass spectrometry.

Selected Ion Flow-tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a technique that utilizes chemical ionization to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze scent/odor/flavor profiles containing nearly any chemical species. Organic compounds (sulfurs, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, and more) can be measured at the same time.