SIFT-MS is the leading real-
time analytical technique for comprehensive gas analysis to ultra-trace levels.

Vaughan Langford Syft Technologies Director - Applications & Marketing

Dr. Vaughan Langford

BSc(Hons), PhD

Principal Scientist / Consultant

Air is a dynamic matrix and is complex at trace levels. Conventional analytical technologies (such as GC–MS and HPLC) lack the time resolution, responsiveness, and comprehensiveness of analysis required to provide timely answers so that the root cause of air quality perturbations can be rapidly identified and addressed.

Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a revolutionary direct mass spectrometric technology for continuous, sensitive, selective, and robust analysis of air. Diverse VOCs (such as benzene and formaldehyde) and inorganic gases (such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide) are detected in a single, simple analysis.

Please join us for this web seminar that will present a variety of SIFT-MS-based environmental applications, including:

  • Ambient monitoring
  • Fenceline monitoring
  • Stack analysis.

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