Syft Application Talks
#4. Characterization and Classification of Lamb Flavor Using SIFT-MS
Dr Hardy Castada, The Ohio State University, USA

Dr Hardy Castada is a Research Fellow in the Food Science and Technology department at the Ohio State University. Dr Castada has been a SIFT-MS user since about 2012, and holds a PhD in Food Science from The Ohio State University. Hardy has published widely on food science applications of SIFT-MS, from Swiss cheese research to vegetable and nut processing.
In this Syft Application Talk, Dr Castada presents his research on Characterization and Classification of Lamb Flavor Using SIFT-MS. This presentation encompasses the full spectrum of SIFT-MS application development. Dr Castada first describes addition of key lamb flavor compounds to the SIFT-MS compound library, then the acquisition of data using headspace-SIFT-MS, and concludes with data analysis.

Don’t miss this Syft Application Talk, which was originally recorded at the 2019 North American User Meeting in Cincinnati, OH, USA, in September 2019! Dr Castada will also present TWO new topics at the 2020 online North American user meeting this coming July.