Syft Tech Talks
#4. Overview of the Trends in SIFT-MS Ion Chemistry
Vaughan Langford, PhD, Principal Scientist, Syft Technologies, New Zealand

SIFT-MS ion-molecule reactions usually follow predictable trends for a given functional group. Learning and applying these trends is very helpful when evaluating SCAN data, identifying compounds, or adding compounds to the SIFT-MS library.

This Syft Tech Talk provides the foundational knowledge of SIFT-MS ion-molecule reaction trends that – when practically applied to interpretation of SIFT-MS data – will mean improved confidence in compound identification using SIFT-MS and greater success in identifying product ions when adding compounds to the SIFT-MS library.

It is recommended that you are familiar with SIFT-MS ion chemistry prior to attending this Syft Tech Talk. View Syft Tech Talk #3 “Introduction to the Ion Chemistry of SIFT-MS” for the necessary background. It is available on-demand at this link

Dr Vaughan Langford is a Principal Scientist at Syft Technologies in New Zealand. Vaughan joined Syft in 2002 after completing his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Canterbury, and post-doctoral fellowships at the Universities of Geneva, Western Australia, and Canterbury. With an extensive background in diverse applications of SIFT-MS, he provides advanced applications training and support to SIFT-MS users globally.