Syft Tech Talk
#6. How to Assess an Application’s Suitability for SIFT-MS
Vaughan Langford, PhD, Principal Scientist, Syft Technologies, New Zealand

As a manufacturer of a relatively new analytical technology, Syft frequently gets asked whether SIFT-MS can analyze ‘such and such’…

In this presentation, Dr Vaughan Langford describes the principles by which such questions can be answered and gives an outline of how we begin to develop the application itself.

Dr Vaughan Langford is a Principal Scientist at Syft Technologies in New Zealand. Vaughan joined Syft in 2002 after completing his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Canterbury, and post-doctoral fellowships at the Universities of Geneva, Western Australia, and Canterbury. With an extensive background in diverse applications of SIFT-MS, he provides advanced applications training and support to SIFT-MS users globally.