Syft Tech Talk
#7. Method Development for Automated Headspace Analysis
Dr. Mark Perkins, Senior Applications Chemist, Anatune Limited, UK

Automated SIFT-MS enables high-throughput analytical methods to be developed quickly and easily for a wide range of analytes, measured simultaneously, using static headspace analysis. This presentation, recorded at the 2020 European Online SIFT-MS User Meeting, describes the development of an automated method for the determination of a range of chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbon compounds in water. It also describes how Syft’s dual-polarity ion source can be utilized for efficient headspace analysis when chloroform and dichloromethane need to be resolved.

Also join us for Part 2 of this presentation (Syft Tech Talk #8), which describes the validation of this method!

Dr Mark Perkins is a senior applications chemist and SIFT-MS expert at Anatune Limited, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Mark joined Anatune in early 2015. His current role supports and expands the analytical capability of SIFT-MS – with a particular focus on autosampler integration and the development of automated test methods. Prior to joining Anatune, Mark graduated from the University of Southampton, UK, with a Ph.D. in electrochemistry. Then he joined the Malaysian Rubber Board’s UK research center as a senior analyst, running the gas and liquid chromatography section – eventually becoming the head of the whole analytical section.